Why are There Cracks in my Walls?

Foundation Repair

Finding a crack in a wall at home isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. However, if the crack is big, or if you have noticed that it is growing, then you very well might have a foundation problem on your hands that requires prompt attention. In this scenario, your best option is to have your foundation inspected by a qualified foundation repair professional. That’s because the crack – or cracks – you see likely have been caused by a foundation problem that can gradually worsen over time. If ignored, a minor foundation problem can transform itself into a much bigger one and lead to much more expensive foundation repair costs down the road.

What, exactly, is causing those cracks to form, and what can a qualified foundation repair expert do to fix your foundation problems, if any? The most likely culprit is soil movement. Depending on the type of soil that your house was built on, even subtle changes in soil moisture levels can cause fissures in the foundation to form. These, in turn, can lead to cracks upstairs and other structural abnormalities throughout the house. Another problem that often necessitates foundation repair is improper soil compaction. If your builder did not correctly compact the ground on which your home was built, this can cause your house to slowly sink into the ground. As with soil moisture level fluctuations, a sinking house is liable to give rise to a whole host of problems, from cosmetically unappealing cracks to possibly irreversible structure damage.

For help determining whether a crack in a wall is a sign of a deeper underlying problem, be sure to turn BDry.  We provide a wide array of approved solutions and only use only the highest quality foundation repair materials that meet current International Code Council (ICC) specifications.