What does Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation problems never get better on their own. They never correct themselves and the best that you can hope for is they stay the same. The health of a foundation is similar in some ways to the health of a person. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and treated, the greater the odds of complete recovery. The more it settles, the harder it is to bring back. The longer a foundation problem lasts, the more complex it becomes and the more expensive it is to repair. Foundation problems can spiral out of control to the point that it greatly damages your largest investment, your house. The real cost is doing nothing.

  • In rare cases buildings can deteriorate to a point that no repair is possible. The building can become so unstable that all that can be done is to tear it down and start over. Fortunately, a qualified contractor can repair nearly all foundation issues. The sooner the problem is checked and diagnosed by a professional, the better.
  • The cost relative to the value of your home is usually a small percentage. In order to protect the value of your largest investment you should get professional help as soon as possible.
  • There’s always a construction company or a remodeler who believes they are experts in all things, including foundation repair. If they are not certified, experienced and using the proper technology, no matter how inexpensive they are and how much they insist they can do the job, don’t risk your money. Would you go to a barber who is moonlighting as a dentist to get your dental work, because he is cheaper than an actual dentist?

If having your home foundation professionally repaired is something you want to consider, you can get a free quote from us with no obligation. Check with your local BDry office and see what approved solutions they can provide for your home.

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