What does Crawlspace Waterproofing Cost?

Crawlspace waterproofing varies in cost depending on the method used. Often times the cheaper methods end up costing more in the long run since they are almost always temporary fixes that need constant repair and upkeep.

The key is value. No matter what the cost is to repair your problem, if it doesn’t work properly, it has no real value because the problem still exists.

The cost for a BDry solution is based on the linear feet and the square footage of the area you need protected. The price is different for everyone because the solution is designed specifically for your unique situation.

  1. Our solutions vary from home to home and are dependent on the severity of the problem. We provide free estimates so we can ensure that we are able to provide every homeowner with an accurate onsite estimate.
  2. As in most cases, you want to ensure what you are purchasing is going to effectively solve your problem. Every system is specifically designed for each individual home and problem.
  3. Done correctly, basement waterproofing can have an excellent return on investment so don’t just think of this expenditure as a cost.

If having your crawlspace professionally waterproofed is something you want to consider, you can get a free quote from us with no obligation.

*Check with your local BDry office for attractive financing options.*

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