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What does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

It is impossible to give an accurate cost estimate without seeing your lower level. Our professional consultants have gone to many different homes - some where the solution was simple and inexpensive, others that required more extensive work, and some where basement waterproofing was not the solution. People pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for different methods. Often times the cheaper methods end up costing more in the long run since they are almost always temporary fixes that need constant repair and upkeep. Luckily, it costs you nothing for the consultant to visit and to put together an estimate.

The key is value. No matter what the cost is to repair your problem, if it doesn't work permanently it has no real value because the problem still exists.

The cost for a permanent solution is based on the linear feet and the square feet of the area you need protected, as well as the severity of the problem. The price is different for everyone because the solution is designed specifically for your unique situation. When we look at all the basement waterproofing installations B-Dry has completed, the average cost is $5,700. Many finance that installation and we have attractive terms we have negotiated (subject to third party approval.)

The benefits to finding a permanent solution to your waterproofing problems are:

  1. Permanently gaining this lower level space back. This is key to optimizing the value of your home. If the solution is permanent, then you will never have to spend another penny on this problem and you will have the peace of mind of using the space for whatever purpose you desire.
  2. Done correctly, basement waterproofing can have an excellent return on investment; don’t just think of this expenditure as a cost.

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