BDry Offers Solutions to Wet Basement Problems

Wet Basement SolutionsThe problem with most wet basement solutions is that they manage to work for only a short period of time. Though many methods start out being perfectly effective, they have inherent flaws that lead them to become less effective over time until they finally fail. For evidence of this just consider the fact that, at BDry, roughly 70 percent of the work we do consists of replacing basement waterproofing systems that have been installed but failed after a period of time. Perhaps because the basement waterproofing industry isn’t as strictly regulated as other trades such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, a significant number of wet basement solutions advertised as being permanent are, in fact, only temporary.

BDry is one of only a small handful of companies in America to have developed a basement waterproofing solution that is designed to last. We proudly offer a system capable of addressing some of the most common ways that water can enter a basement. The BDry Basement Waterproofing System – which is installed only by trained BDry employees, using high-quality materials that meet the latest ICC specifications – is highly effective at keeping basements protected against the following types of groundwater intrusion:

  • Through cracks in the walls and floor
  • Over the foundation’s footing
  • Under the foundation’s footing
  • Bleeding and sweating on the foundation’s walls

Contact your nearest BDry office if your basement has a water-intrusion problem and you wish to invest in a long-lasting solution that has been keeping basements dry for more than half a century. Since 1958, BDry has been a nationwide leader in the development of wet basement solutions. Our other specialties include crawlspace waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulations, vapor barriers and approved installation of foundation repair services.