Thinking About Waterproofing Your Basement? BDry Offers a System That Works

Waterproofing BasementWaterproofing your basement using materials that are specifically designed for the task is the preferred way of preventing water from entering the structure. At BDry, we have spent several decades developing and refining a waterproofing solution for basements that provides truly long-lasting protection. The basement waterproofing system that we use is proven to be effective, and capable of addressing the five most common ways water enters a basement:

  • Through wall cracks
  • Through floor cracks
  • Over the foundation footing
  • Under the foundation footing
  • Bleeding and sweating on interior foundation surfaces

With BDry serving as the waterproofing your basement contractor, problems like standing water, wet basement walls, discolored basement walls, and other problems that result from water intrusion can be reduced. While installations do vary, the BDry system is made up of several components that work in conjunction with one another to keep water from entering the basement and wreaking havoc. Components may include:

  • Rigid or flex wall sealer – This material is designed to prevent water seepage through the walls.
  • Drainage channel – We will install a high capacity channel around your basement’s perimeter to catch water and drain it away.
  • Discharge pipe – Water will flow through this pipe out and away from your home where it can’t do any damage.
  • Backup pump – This battery-operated pump can be installed to ensure that your basement waterproofing system remains functional even during a loss of power – additional protection for you and your home.
  • Sump pump – If necessary, we can install a sump pump for maximum water removal.

You will also be pleased to know that by choosing BDry as the waterproofing contractor for your basement, you will receive a system that comes backed by one of the best warranties offered by any company in the industry.

Contact BDry today to schedule a free onsite inspection and all-inclusive waterproofing quote.