Timeline of BDry


1930 – Joseph Bevilacqua, Sr. develops a technique for waterproofing basements from the inside, using drain tile and gravel.

1958 -Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr. takes over the business and begins his waterproofing career.

1960 – Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr., recognizing ineffectiveness of liquid sealers, develops a technique for sealing walls with visquene, wire mesh, and concrete.

1966 – Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr. receives U.S. Patent #3,287,866 on his inside drain system.

1980 – BDry System, Inc., together with General Tire Company plastics division, develops a unique wall sealer, specifically engineered for basement waterproofing.

1986 – Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr. receives U.S. Patent #4,590,722 and B.O.C.A. International (Building Officials and Code Administrators International) evaluates the BDry Drainage System for effectiveness and product safety. BDry Rigid Wall Sealer meets and/or exceeds B.O.C.A International standards as anti-flame, anti-smoke, and anti-toxic.

1992 – BDry waterproofs its 100,000th basement/ crawl space nationally.

1993 – BDry develops a unique concrete mix that offers superior, long-lasting benefits versus that which is available on the market.

1998 – Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr. receives U.S. Patent #5,765,323 on FREE FLO(R) pipe, the result of over 40 years of ongoing research and development in waterproofing technology.

2001 – Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr. receives U.S. Patent #6,202,700 and introduces AquaJets(R) installation option for FREE FLO(R) pipe, for “self-flushing” capability in waterproofing solutions.

2003 – BDry waterproofs its 180,000th basement/ crawl space nationally.

2006 – BDry waterproofs its quarter-millionth basement/ crawl space nationally.

2011 – BDry becomes an authorized installer of the AB Chance family of foundation repair solutions. Sidenote – Throughout the history of BDry, we have introduced cutting-edge foundation repair solutions to the market. These solutions include carbon-fiber strips to repair damaged walls, helical anchors & resistance (push) piers to repair cracked walls and dropped footers and floor support systems to straighten and stabilize weakened floors.

2012 – BDry repaired and waterproofed more than 350,000 home foundations since its conception.