Michelle Ferrel Story

Michelle Ferrel was horrified to discover the house her husband bought came with a basement that got wet whenever it rained, among other problems. With so many other things to worry about, Michelle and her husband wanted to have a one-stop solution for their leaking basement. Thankfully, with BDry they did not have to worry about a thing; they knew they could trust us to do the job right. Michelle had big hopes for their new house, and after installing the BDry Waterproofing System she is finally able to realize the dreams she had for her basement.

Mindy Fawver Story

When Mindy Fawver moved into a new home, the previous owners told her that there was a sump pump installed and she would not have to worry about basement flooding. The sump pump helped with basement flooding in the short term, but it did not solve the problem of water leaking into the basement when it rained. Mindy was embarrassed about inviting guests over because of the issues in her home, and she became isolated in her house. After installing the BDry Waterproofing System, Mindy now has a dry home.

George & Patricia Aylor Story

George and Patricia Aylor lived happily for 25 years in the log house they built, until the realized that they had some major ground water intrusion issues. Unbeknownst to them, stagnant water in the crawl space was deteriorating the center foundation post of their home. To solve their wet crawl space and foundation problems, the Aylors needed crawl space waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and foundation repair. Thankfully, BDry has a one-stop solution for their needs. Since installing these BDry solutions, Patricia and George do not need to worry about their foundation or crawl space. Now that their house is stable and doesn’t have any ground water issues, they hope to live comfortably there for 20 more years.

Waterproofing Case Study

Hear from a few of our customers on how the BDry Waterproofing System has helped improve their home and provide them with peace of mind.