What Do Sump Pump Systems Do?

Sump Pump SystemsSump pump systems have been around for decades. Having a sump pump installed is highly recommend for anyone with a basement that is prone to water leaks. That is because water and basements simply don’t go together very well. Over time, water can cause extensive structural damage and give rise to various problems. The sump pump was invented in the 1940s by a U.S. Navy electrician named Karl Niedermeyer. And, a sump pump you buy off the shelf today will be essentially similar in design to the one Niedermeyer came up with all those years ago. How it works is, first a sump is created in the floor of the basement. A sump is simply a cylindrical basin normally a couple of feet deep and maybe a foot-and-and-half wide. Second, a sump pump is installed along with piping which is routed to wherever you desire the unwanted water to go. As the sump fills with water – either up through the gravel bottom of the sump or via a specially designed water-collection channel – the pumps turns itself on automatically. A fanlike device called an impeller then forces the water to exit the sump through the piping.

Sump pump systems are often installed as part of a larger basement waterproofing solution, especially in older homes that typically didn’t have a sump pump installed while they were being built. One very common basement waterproofing method that sometimes calls for a sump pump system involves the creation of a water-collection channel along the inside perimeter of the basement. Whenever water sneaks in, it falls into the collection channel and gradually flows to the sump where it is sent away from the home in the above-described manner.

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