Stair-step cracks in exterior brick

Many brick homes have cracks in the bricks – either in the bricks themselves, or in the mortar joints. A lot of the time these cracks are not concerning. However, sometimes they are an indication of problems with the foundation of the home.

Are you noticing stair-step cracks in exterior bricks?


Stair-step shaped cracks in the brick are one of the shapes that can be an indication of problems with the foundation. These cracks are typically noticed in the mortar joints of brick walls. The same stair-step cracking pattern can often be found on the interior side of the wall – in the basement or crawl space. We also often see a corresponding crack around the corner on the other wall.

Stair-step cracks in brick walls frequently continue down to the bottom of the brick wall and into the block foundation that the brick sits on, and through the block foundation all the way to the footing.

These cracks are an indication that a section of the wall has settled faster/slower than the other sections. This can generally be fixed, and it is important to get it fixed before additional settling and symptoms, such as sloping or dropped floors, bowing walls, or misaligned doorways, occur.

If you are noticing stair-step cracks, we offer approved foundation repair solutions to solve your problem. Please contact your local BDry office for more information.

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