Sloping floors

Sloping floors are a primary indicator of one (or two) of two problems with the foundation: uneven settling in the outer foundation, or uneven settling of the support columns beneath the floor system. Either way, it’s not a problem that fixes itself, but it is a problem that will get worse over time.

The good news is that sloping floors can be repaired. There are a few different techniques that can be used, depending on what part of the foundation is settling – the outer foundation or the columns beneath the floor.

Sloping floors are often accompanied by other symptoms of foundation problems – doors that do not open or close properly, cracks in walls, or cracks in basement floors. If any of these exist in addition to the sloping floors, the problem could be progressing.

Uneven settling foundation problems can be caused by a variety of factors – several of them are either caused by, or are also the cause of waterproofing problems. One common sign of waterproofing problems is water in the area where the floor meets the wall in the basement or crawlspace. Another common sign of waterproofing problems is a damp cement floor.

A professional should come check the house for other signs of foundation problems and possible waterproofing problems so a suitable solution can be designed.

Sloping floors and a settling foundation need immediate attention and our approved foundation repair solutions can solve these problems. Check with your local BDry office for more information.

Foundation Repair Solutions