BDry™ offers approved foundation repair services in Newark, Ohio and the surrounding cities and towns.

Newark boasts everything from historic buildings that are being reinvented to water parks, historic museums, arboretums, recreational trails, golf courses, factory tours – visitors can take the Airstream Factory Tour.

But when it comes to everyday resources, BDry™ experts in the Newark area can diagnose and fix a wide range problems with your foundation with our foundation repair services.
Check for these signs that you may need foundation repair for your Newark home:

  • Visible cracks forming in your foundation walls or floor
  • Your floors are uneven
  • The walls don’t meet the floor as they should, there is a gap
  • You can see that your basement walls are staring to bow
  • The chimney is leaning away from the home and gaps are visible
  • Windows and/or doors stick when you try to open and close them

BDry™ offer approved foundation repair solutions for most symptoms that you might be noticing in your home.  Let us visit the residence and provide you with options on repairing the problem.

BDry™ has repaired over 350,000 homes and businesses since 1958. BDry™’s proposed approved solutions might include the following:

  • Carbon Fiber Products – super strong to keep walls from moving
  • Helical Piers – can lift your foundation to a more level position and prevent your home from settling any further
  • Helical Tie Backs –stabilize walls against soil movement and hydrostatic pressure
  • I-Beams – keep walls from bowing and steady foundation walls
  • Push Piers – stabilize and level your foundation
  • Wall Crack Injection – fill foundation wall cracks
  • Wall Anchors – help stabilize bowing walls

Schedule a foundation repair consultation with a BDry™ expert today and find out why we have been so successful.  During the appointment, we will take measurements, detail our recommended solution and leave you with an estimate for your repairing your foundation.
Our BDry™ team is available for weekday, weeknight or weekends and take around 60-90 minutes.

If required, BDry™ can also provide other services including basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing.  Contact a representative today and learn more.