Let BDry™ provide you with a free estimate on approved foundation repair services in Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio today!

Dover and New Philadelphia, both boast a low cost of living and lots of great amenities.  Unfortunately, many homes in the area suffer from foundation problems.  Luckily, the BDry™ experts in the Dover and New Philadelphia area offer approved foundation repair services.

Dover-New Philadelphia homeowners may need foundation repair, if:

  • Windows and doors may be more difficult to open and close
  • Signs of foundation cracks on the interior or exterior walls of your home
  • Basement walls are showing signs of bowing
  • The chimney is leaning at an angle or separating away from the home
  • Noticed floors are sloping or dropping in certain areas of your home
  • Visible signs of gaps where the wall and floor meet

Stair-Step Foundation Crack

BDry™ has demonstrated our proven methods for foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing by protecting over 350,000 structures since 1958.

Some of the solutions approved by BDry™ may include:

Wall Crack Injection – to stop water leaking through cracks in the foundation wall

Wall Anchors– to help stabilize bowing wall

Push Piers – to stabilize and level the foundation

Carbon Fiber Products – help keep walls from moving or flexing any further

Helical Piers – stop your foundation from settling further. And, the helical piers are used to lift the foundation to a more level position

I-Beams –will stabilize and prevent the walls from bowing

Helical Tie Backs –stabilize your foundation walls against soil movement and hydrostatic pressure

BDry™ delivers approved foundation repair solutions and uses some of the highest quality materials in the industry to ensure your home will be taken care of.  BDry™ in Dover-New Philadelphia also provides one of the strongest and best industry warrantees for our foundation repair services for added protection.

Let BDry™ visit your Dover-New Philadelphia home today for a free appointment. The complimentary in-home visit will take around 60-90 minutes and can be scheduled for a weekday, weeknight or weekend. Our BDry™ expert will complete an inspection, answer any questions that you may have and leave you with an estimate for the repairs.

Contact BDry™ in Dover-New Philadelphia today to schedule your free appointment and take the first steps in solving your home’s problem.