Cambridge, OH can count on BDry™ to offer professionally installed solutions for basement waterproofing and foundation repair problems.

Cambridge, Ohio, nestled at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 77 in the lush foothills of the Appalachian Mountains between Columbus, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia offers plenty of attractions. But one problem for Cambridge homeowners can be a leaky basement or a crumbling foundation. Fortunately, BDry™ offers basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Cambridge, Ohio.

BDry™ Basement Waterproofing

Water in your basement shouldn’t be a normal occurrence. If you have noticed groundwater entering you Cambridge home through foundation wall/floor cracks, entering where the floor and wall meet or sweating through basement walls, contact BDry™ today.

If you see any of the following signs, give BDry™ in Cambridge a call about your basement waterproofing: standing water in the basement, leaky cracks in foundation walls and, of course, wet/damp basement walls.

Operating since 1958, BDry™ has waterproofed over 350,000 homes nationwide.  We have seen a wide range of homes and problems throughout that time and have developed a solution that works. Here are some of the features of our basement waterproofing system:

  • Flex or rigid interior foundation wall sealer
  • Basement waterproofing pipe installed in the affected areas
  • If necessary, we can install a sump pump
  • Connect a discharge pipe to expel the water away from the home
  • We also offer a battery-powered backup pump for added protection

Foundation Repair Approved by BDry™

Noticed cracks appearing in your foundation of your Cambridge home? Walls that seem to be bowing?  Sloped or uneven floors in your home?  It is best not to ignore them. The same goes for a fallen-away chimney. BDry™ professionals will visit your home and propose a solution to these problems.  BDry™ in Cambridge can help homeowners assess the situation and come up with the right solution. Tackling anything from minor cracks to more serious foundation issues.

The BDry™ team is well versed in basement waterproofing or crawlspace waterproofing, foundation repair or foundation crack repair, or any combination of these solutions.  We pride ourselves as a knowledgeable company.  For added assurance, BDry™ offers Cambridge homeowners one of the strongest warrantees in the industry.

Contact a BDry™ expert to arrange a complimentary in-home visit and get your home back on track.

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