BDry™ offers professional basement waterproofing solutions for homes in Marietta, Ohio as well as the surrounding areas.

Marietta in Washington County is a great place to live, work, play and stay. Located within a day’s drive of 50 percent of the U.S. population, makes it an ideal location to start a business and bring up your family. BDry™ provides basement waterproofing services to families in this convenient area.

Ever noticed symptoms of a wet basement in your Marietta home? BDry™’s basement waterproofing experts in Marietta can offer you a solution to that problem.  Did you know that there are five commons ways that water can enter a home? Those ways are through cracks in your foundation’s floor or walls, from over and under your foundation’s footers and seeping right out of your foundation walls. Each way is designed to be stopped by using the BDry™ basement waterproofing system.

Wet Basement Wall
Not every basement waterproofing system is installed correctly or built to last. But, BDry™ has the experience and knowledge to provide you a system that is truly built to last. A lot of the time we are doing our installation of the basement waterproofing system, it is replacing different waterproofing systems or techniques used by general contractors or other waterproofing companies.

The BDry™ basement waterproofing system installation is a process that we have refined over the years.  First, we remove a small section of your home’s foundation floor near the affected area.  A pipe is installed in a trench that slopes towards a drainage point so water will naturally flow towards the exit.  Leaky water is released from the foundation walls, through the weep holes that we drill along the bottom of your foundation walls.  We then apply an interior wall sealer, flex or rigid, for added foundation wall protection.

Finally, we pour concrete over the system and leave time for the floor to dry.  After the concrete has cured, you will be able to apply or reapply any flooring that you may desire.

A BDry™ expert will gladly provide you with a complimentary consultation for the problems you are experiencing in you Marietta home. Schedule your 60-90 minute appointment for a weekday, weeknight or weekend – whichever is most convenient.

During their visit, a BDry™ expert will give his recommendation on the best course of action for solving your problem and leave you with an estimate for the repairs.  If you have any questions, they will also take time to answer any and all of those prior to leaving.

Contact BDry™ today for a free appointment and get on your way to acquiring a dry basement.