BDry™ offers basement waterproofing services in Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio and will happily visit your home for a free estimate.

Dover is adjacent to New Philadelphia, in the county seat of Tuscarawas County and the two cities are considered twin cities. BDry™’s basement waterproofing experts offer their services to both Dover and New Philadelphia in Ohio.

Questioning whether you are in need of basement waterproofing in your Dover-New Philadelphia home? Dover-New Philadelphia homeowners can put a stop to a wet basement with a  proven waterproofing solution from BDry™.

BDry™ has a system that is designed to prevent groundwater intrusion through the five most common ways water enters a basement…through wall or floor cracks, foundation wall sweating, under or over the foundation footing.  BDry™ also uses materials that are of the highest quality to ensure you are receiving optimal performance from your system.

The BDry™ basement waterproofing system involves the careful and temporary removal of a portion of your basement floor. After that, we dig a trench that slopes toward a drainage point. BDry™ installs a pipe in that trench to carry away any water that has seeped into your basement through weep holes or over or under the footers. BDry™’s Rigid Sealer® membrane is applied to the interior walls of your basement for added protection.

To finish the process, we re-pour the concrete over the trench.  After allowing enough time to dry, you will then be able to cover it with whatever flooring you desire.

Many of the homes that BDry™ waterproofs will actually be replacing other basement waterproofing techniques that have failed or will eventually fail over time. These can range from other companies systems to French drains that have been installed by the original contractor.

The BDry™ experts will provide you with a cost free consultation in your Dover-New Philadelphia home. Schedule a weekday, weeknight or weekend appointment and allow 60-90 minutes for an inspection and recommendations on the best basement waterproofing method for your home.

If your home has a crawlspace or possibly has symptoms of foundation damage, BDry™ also provides crawlspace waterproofing or approved foundation repairs.

Contact BDry™ in Dover-New Philadelphia today to schedule an appointment today and learn more about our solutions.