BDry™ can help with your basement waterproofing issue in your Cambridge, Ohio home.  Reach out to us today and let us schedule a free in-home evaluation.

Cambridge, located near Salt Fork State Park may be home to Ohio’s biggest inland beach, but one thing is for sure, you do not want a lake or standing water in your basement.

There are five most common ways that water can enter your Cambridge home, and each of them can be prevented using a basement waterproofing system that is made to last from BDry™.  If homeowners see pools of water in their basement or crawlspace or the walls appear wet, they could have a problem.

Discover how you can keep the water out of your basement with BDry™. We have a system that is designed to prevent groundwater from entering through foundation walls, cracks in the floor, water intrusion coming over or under the foundation’s footing, or water sweating or bleeding out of basement walls.

Our experienced employees will use high quality materials designed for basement waterproofing.  The BDry™ system installation for basement waterproofing involves the temporary removal of a portion of your basement floor.  Next, we dig a trench in the affected area that slopes towards a drainage point.  Weep holes are drilled near the bottom of  the foundation walls to drain any water that may be present.  A pipe is inserted into the trench next to the footing to carry out any water that is getting into your basement.  We then apply a waterproofing membrane,  Rigid Sealer® or flex sealer, to protect the interior basement wall.  BDry™ will restore the concrete floor at the end of the basement waterproofing process. When the concrete is dry and has cured, any tile, carpet or wood flooring can be reinstalled.

BDry™ is available for free basement waterproofing consultations on weekdays, weeknights and weekends to suit your schedule. An in-home visit takes around 60-90 minutes.  We want to make sure that we go over everything with you at the time of the appointment and answer any question you may have prior to our employee leaving.

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