BDry™ offers basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Mansfield, OH

With the nickname” The Fun Center of Ohio”, the “Carousel Capital of Ohio and “Racing Capital of Ohio”, Mansfield, OH has a lot to live up to. But somethings that are certainly not fun, if you live in Mansfield, are a leaky basement or cracks in your foundation. That’s where BDry™ can help.

BDry™ Basement Waterproofing

Water can enter through cracks in your walls and mortar joints, up through cracks in the floor, over the footing, under the footing, and by bleeding and sweating of the walls. One thing for sure, is that water in your basement is a threat to your home.
If you find standing water in the basement or crawlspace, discover cracks in the foundation, or see that your basement walls are wet, then you have a potential water intrusion problem in your Mansfield home.
Keep your Mansfield home dry with a custom-designed waterproofing solution installed by BDry™.

BDry™ basement waterproofing systems can include:

  • The installation of rigid or flex wall sealer
  • A high-capacity water collection channel
  • A powerful sump pump
  • A discharge pipe
  • And depending on your needs, a backup pump with battery power for added protection

Foundation Repair approved by BDry™

Cracks in your interior and exterior walls and perhaps around your doors and windows, are the first signs you may have a serious foundation issue in your Mansfield home. Whether it’s fixing dropped footers or fallen away chimneys, lifting porch stoops or slabs that have fallen away, stabilizing bowed walls or straightening or rebuilding eroding walls, BDry™ in Mansfield can help with your foundation repair.
One of our BDry™ certified consultants in Mansfield will take measurements and inspect your home – determining if a minor crack is normal settling or if it is a sign of a more serious structural problem.

Foundation repairs can be simple and quick – such as filling a crack. Or if more extensive, BDry™ can use our expertise and specialty equipment to take care of it for you now.

BDry™ has been around since 1958 and has developed basement waterproofing systems to provide you with long-lasting protection. So, if it’s standing water in your basement or crawlspace or cracks making an appearance in your foundation walls – we have a custom solution for you. Plus, BDry™ offers the strongest warranty in the industry for your Mansfield home because hundreds of thousands of basements have been protected by our warranty sine 1958.

Whether you need BDry™ to take care of basement waterproofing or crawlspace waterproofing, perform foundation repair or foundation crack repair, or any combination of these services, give BDry™ a call. To schedule a complimentary onsite inspection performed by a member of the BDry™ team in Mansfield, please contact us today.