Basement Waterproofing Services for Residents of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Basement Waterproofing Winston-Salem NCFor basement waterproofing services in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area from experts who know how to perform the job right, turn to the trusted team at BDry. Since 1958, we’ve been perfecting a waterproofing system that has saved countless homeowners from the costly repairs that can result when water intrudes into the basement. If left unaddressed, excess ground water can invite a multitude of unpleasant issues into your basement. At BDry, we offer long-lasting basement waterproofing solutions that are designed to prevent the five most common ways ground water enters a basement, so you can rest easy knowing our service will leave your home protected.

Our patented basement waterproofing system is designed to address water entering the basement through bleeding and sweating through the wall, cracks in the wall and floor, and leaks over and under the foundation footing. After conducting a thorough inspection of your basement and other areas around your home in the Winston-Salem, NC area one of our skilled technicians will determine the right solution for your residence. While installations do vary, we can implement the following when performing our basement waterproofing services:

  • High Capacity Drainage – This channel, installed around the perimeter of your basement, is designed to catch and channel ground water and drain it away to a safe location.
  • Rigid or Flex Wall Sealer – These materials address any water that may be seeping through the walls.
  • Discharge Pipe – This product carries water safely away from the home.
  • High Capacity Sump Pump – This high-performance sump pump supports maximum water extraction to help ensure your basement remains dry. We may also recommend installing a battery backup and pump to increase protection for your home.

To receive more information about our basement waterproofing solutions and the industry-leading warranty backing our system and service, contact BDry today. Be sure to ask about financing options that may be available. We proudly serve residents of Winston-Salem, NC and all other surrounding communities.