Interested in Crawlspace Waterproofing for Your Home in North Carolina?  Contact the Waterproofing Specialists at BDry for a Patented Solution

A place in your home in North Carolina that is typically overlooked is your crawlspace.  Many people rarely even look in their crawlspace more than once or twice a year.  On the other hand, some people are in their crawlspace regularly for storage.  Regardless of the frequency in which you visit the crawlspace in your home in North Carolina, it needs to be dry.  A wet crawlspace can create an unwanted environment underneath your home leading to much worse than just a wet, nasty area.

So what do you do with a wet crawlspace?  BDry offers a few different solutions for the wet crawlspace in your North Carolina home.

  • BDry Crawlspace Waterproofing System – A patented system that will be installed inside the perimeter of your crawlspace to expel unwanted groundwater intrusion.
  • BDry Crawlspace Vapor Barrier – After the installation of our patented system, we will install a thick vapor barrier over the top of your crawlspace to help provide you with a nice clean area, along with helping eliminate water vapor by diffusion.
  • BDry Crawlspace Encapsulation – After installation of our patented crawlspace waterproofing system, we encapsulate the walls and ground along with any pillars or supports with our vapor barrier to ensure total coverage.

Along with our patented crawlspace waterproofing system, we may also offer the option for a sump pump.  Depending on the lay of your land, a sump pump may be necessary to properly expel the water far enough away from your home and its foundation.  An additional item that can be purchased for your sump pump is a battery backup.  In case your power fails during a storm, we offer the added protection of a battery-operated pump.

Interested in getting a quote for crawlspace waterproofing in North Carolina?  Feel free to reach out to us at any time via web submission or phone call.  We look forward to hearing from you.