Need Basement Waterproofing for Your Home in North Carolina?  Call the experts at BDry Today

Does your North Carolina home have a wet basement? Are you noticing puddling or standing water in certain areas of your basement? Nobody likes to deal with such a problem, especially if they don’t have to. If you are looking for basement waterproofing services in the state of North Carolina, look no further than a company who has been taking care of customers since 1958 – BDry Waterproofing. BDry has been a mainstay in the state of North Carolina by providing patented solutions to its residents.

Ground water can enter a basement many different ways. Sometimes they are easily detected and sometimes they aren’t. The BDry Basement Waterproofing System protects the basement in your North Carolina home from the most common ways that water enters a basement:

• Through bleeding and sweating of the walls
• Over the footing
• Under the footing
• Through cracks in the wall
• Through floor cracks

If you are researching ways to stop ground water from entering your basement, make sure that you choose a system that’s going to stop the most common ways water enters. The BDry Basement Waterproofing System does just that and, for peace of mind, we back our product with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. We want our customers to be satisfied and protected after they choose BDry. That’s just another reason why we’ve been in the industry since 1958 – doing the right thing for our customers.

Basement waterproofing in North Carolina is not regulated like plumbing, electrical and other construction industries. It’s wise to do research whenever you are trying to decide how to approach your problem. Look around your home and try to determine if it is in fact a ground water intrusion problem that’s affecting your basement. You might just need to adjust your gutters so that the water is properly draining away from your home. Also, check all the plumbing in your basement to make sure you don’t have a water leak.

If you get finished doing research and still have a water problem, BDry Waterproofing would love the opportunity to help. We offer free on-site basement waterproofing inspections to all homeowners in North Carolina. After your basement waterproofing inspection, we will leave you with a free estimate on the repairs and follow up with you to see if you have any questions or if you are prepared to move forward. Contact us today to get set up for your free in-home evaluation and learn why nearly 500,000 customers nationwide chose the BDry Basement Waterproofing System.