Approved foundation repair solutions for residents of Silver Spring, Maryland and the surrounding areas.

Silver Spring, Maryland, with its diverse population, good schools and a convenient location between DC and Baltimore offers many draws for homeowners. With a high demand for housing it is important to preserve your home’s foundation. BDry™ certainly has the expertise to help with that. BDry™ in Silver Spring offers approved foundation repair services for local residents.

Foundation RepairDoes your Silver Spring home need foundation repair? Check your foundation for cracks around windows or doors. Look in your basement or crawlspace to see if you notice any daylight coming in through cracks or holes. Noticing a floor that seem uneven? That may also be a sign of foundation damage.

BDry™ has been in business since 1958 and in that time we estimate that we have protected around 350,000 structures with our reliable waterproofing and approved foundation repair methods. BDry™ in Silver Spring can help you identify foundation problems and resolve them with our approved long-lasting solutions for foundation repair, including:

  • Injecting an epoxy into minor cracks
  • Using carbon fiber products stop the walls from shifting
  • Lift the foundation to a more level position and prevent further settling of your foundation with the installation of Helical Piers
  • Stabilizing the walls against soil movement and hydrostatic pressure using Helical Tie Backs
  • Prevent walls from bowing any further and stabilize the foundation walls using I-Beams
  • Push Piers to level and stabilize your foundation
  • Wall Pins to stabilize slightly bowed walls

BDry™ in Silver Spring offers 60-90 minute in-home visits to assess your foundation repair needs. Appointments are complimentary and can be scheduled at your convenience on a weekday, weeknight or even on a weekend. During the visit, a BDry™ expert will inspect your foundation, take measurements, suggest a recommended solution and provide an accurate estimate.

Contact BDry™ in Silver Spring today for your approved foundation repair solution. BDry™ in Silver Spring provides our homeowners with one of the strongest and best industry warranties for our foundation repair. BDry™ can provide information about basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing services.