Looking for a Crawlspace Waterproofing Contractor in Washington, DC? Trust the Experts at BDry

Crawlspace Waterproofing Washington D.C.If you’re in need of crawlspace waterproofing for your home in the Washington, DC area, BDry is the right company for the job. Stagnant ground water in the crawlspace underneath your home can cause a host of issues for a homeowner. The first step to ridding your home of such problems is to solve your ground water intrusion issues. At BDry, we offer crawlspace waterproofing solutions that are designed to be long-lasting and highly efficient against ground water intrusion. In fact, our methods are so effective, customers have continued to turn to BDry for all of their crawlspace waterproofing needs since 1958.

The reason behind our success is the patented BDry Waterproofing System, which utilizes only high-performance waterproofing materials from noted manufacturers. These products – which include sump pumps, drain tile, and vapor barriers – obstruct water intrusion at its source to provide your crawlspace with protection that truly lasts. Since each crawlspace is different, one of our professional technicians will determine which of our crawlspace waterproofing services will be the best solution for your home in the Washington, DC area. Among the factors we consider include:

  • Dirt floor vs. concrete floor – If your crawlspace has a dirt floor, we recommend encapsulation, which is a process that involves covering the dirt floor and foundation walls with a heavy vapor barrier.
  • Type of water intrusion – We will attempt to pinpoint the areas where water could be entering, and assess the extent of the water intrusion to determine what solution is necessary.
  • Condition of your foundation – We will check your foundation for any cracks and other structural concerns.

At BDry, we are so confident about our crawlspace waterproofing solutions, we offer industry-leading warranties to protect your investment and give you greater peace of mind.

For more information about our crawlspace waterproofing solutions, to schedule an at-home consultation and receive a free quote, or to find out the specific warranty coverage in your area, contact BDry today. We proudly serve residents of Washington, DC and all other surrounding areas.