The professionals at BDry™ provide Manassas, Virginia residents with approved foundation repair solutions.

Experiencing all four seasons can be enjoyable, but sometimes it can wreak havoc with your Manassas home’s foundation. If your home is subjected to significant variations in temperature from warm and cold weather, it can cause damage due to the expansion and contraction of your home’s structural elements.

To be on the safe side, have Manassas’s BDry™ team take a look at your foundation to help you determine whether you need foundation repair. We have proven methods for a wide range of foundation repair solutions.

Foundation RepairHere are some signs your Manassas home may require foundation repair:

  • Diagonal cracks around your doors and/or windows
  • The floors are uneven or sloping
  • A gap is widening where the walls and floors meet
  • Your chimney has begun to lean or has cracks in it
  • The windows and/or doors are sticking and don’t open and close as easily as they used to

Our Manassas, BDry™ team opts to use only high quality materials and they must meet the latest ICC specifications for our foundation repair. BDry™ approved foundation repair services in your home may use carbon fiber mesh, wall pins, helical piers, floor stabilizers or I-Beams. What we propose will be based on your home’s specific issue.

Contact BDry™ for an approved foundation repair solution for your Manassas home. Our BDry™ professional will inspect your foundation as well as take measurements. Then we will suggest a recommended solution and provide an accurate estimate. We know you are busy, so BDry™ in Manassas offers appointments for your convenience on a weekday, weeknight or even on a weekend. The complimentary consultation takes just 60-90 minutes.

In business since 1958, at BDry™ we definitely know what we are doing when it comes to foundation repair. Manassas homeowners will also have extra peace of mind thanks to one of the strongest and best industry warranties for BDry™’s approved foundation repair. Other BDry™ services include basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing services.