If you live in or around Chantilly, Virginia and need basement waterproofing or approved foundation repair services, contact BDry™ today for a free estimate.

Chantilly, located in western Fairfax County and southeastern Loudoun County of Northern Virginia is approximately 24 miles from Washington, D.C. Chantilly is home to Washington Dulles International Airport, which serves Washington, D.C. Another important service for Chantilly homeowners is BDry™ – we are experts in basement waterproofing and approved foundation repair services.

BDry™ Basement Waterproofing

For many homeowners water can be a big threat to their home’s structure. Water can get into your Chantilly home or basement a couple of different ways: through cracks in the walls, through the mortar joints and between the foundation and the footings. Water can also seep in through the basement walls or the floors.

Have you seen any of the following signs that you need basement waterproofing?

  • Damp or even wet basement walls
  • Cracks or holes in your foundation that allow water entry
  • Pools of standing water in the basement or crawlspace

BDry™ in Chantilly specialize in long-lasting basement waterproofing solutions. Our basement waterproofing or crawlspace waterproofing solutions are proven to prevent or stop water from causing long-term damage to your Chantilly home.

Foundation Repair approved by BDry™

Chantilly homeowners may require foundation repair first, if there are cracks in your foundation interior and exterior walls, around your doors or windows, your footers have dropped or you have a leaning chimney.

BDry™’s in Chantilly can repair your foundation regardless of whether it is a minor or major issue for your home. Our BDry™ team can also get to work stabilizing bowed walls, straightening or rebuilding eroded walls.

Chantilly BDry™ experts are available to visit your home at no charge. While we are there, we will determine whether we just need to fill some minor cracks and distinguish between normal or problematic settling of your foundation. BDry™ in Chantilly can suggest the right solution for your specific situation.

BDry™ has been in business for a long time. Since, 1958 we have been providing one of the strongest warranties in the industry for our reliable and long-lasting basement waterproofing and foundation repair methods.

Additional services offered by BDry™:

Crawlspace waterproofing and foundation crack repair, or any combination of these issues.