Approved foundation repair solutions are available in Bethesda, Maryland and the surrounding areas.

The housing market in Bethesda is booming with home values on the upswing. For homeowners in the area it’s a big investment and it is important to protect your home, particularly the foundation. BDry™ offers approved foundation repair services for homeowners in the Bethesda area.

Many homeowners experience foundation problems but don’t take notice. Sometimes what looks to be a normal crack can just be the start of something far worse. Some signs that your Bethesda home may need foundation repair:

  • Foundation CracksCracks in the basement floor, exterior brick, interior or exterior of the foundation walls
  • Sloping and/or uneven floor
  • Gaps are widening where the walls and floors should meet
  • Basement walls are bowing
  • The porch stoop has dropped
  • There are cracks in the chimney, or it’s leaning
  • Cracks forming at the corners of your doors and/or windows
  • Doors and windows don’t open as easily as you used to


Since 1958, BDry™ has protected around 500,000 structures with our basement waterproofing, crawlspace waterproofing and approved foundation repair methods. BDry™ in Bethesda can help you diagnose your foundation problems and offer our long-lasting solutions. BDry™ can deliver approved foundation repair solutions using high quality materials that meet the latest ICC specifications. For additional peace of mind, BDry™ in Bethesda provides our homeowners with one of the strongest and best industry warranties for their solutions.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with BDry™ in Bethesda. An in-home visit will take just 60-90 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience on a weekday, weeknight or even on a weekend. During the visit, a BDry™ expert will inspect your foundation, take measurements, explain our recommended foundation repair solution and provide an accurate estimate. Contact BDry™ today for your foundation repair solution and return your home to stable ground.