BDry™ installs approved foundation repair solutions in the Arlington, Virginia area.

Arlington, Virginia, located just outside the nation’s capital is known for a high rate of population turnover. So whether you are choosing to move on or stay, it is equally important to protect your biggest investment – your home. Fortunately, BDry™ offers approved foundation repair services in the Arlington area.

Here are some signs that you may need foundation repair sooner, rather than later, in your Arlington home:

  • Foundation Wall CrackYou have spotted cracks in the basement floor, exterior brick, interior or exterior of the foundation walls
  • The floor is sloping and/or is uneven
  • There is a widening gap where the walls and floor should meet
  • The basement walls are bowing
  • The porch stoop has dropped
  • The chimney is cracking or leaning
  • Around the corners of your doors and windows you can see diagonal cracks
  • The doors and windows have stopped opening and closing as easily as they used to

BDry™ in Arlington can diagnose and fix a wide range of foundation problems. BDry™ has protected around 500,000 structures since 1958 with our approved foundation repair methods and basement/crawlspace waterproofing solutions. We can repair foundation cracks, basement walls, eroded footers, an unstable chimney, unstable foundation, as well as bowed, eroded and/or unstable walls. We can also do foundation underpinning.

BDry™ uses high quality materials to deliver long-lasting, approved foundation repair solutions. Since we have protected nearly 500,000 homes, BDry™ in Arlington also offers homeowners with one of the strongest and best industry warranties for our foundation repair.

During the consultation a BDry™ expert will visit your home, take measurements and complete an inspection. Then we will discuss the recommended foundation repair solution and provide an accurate estimate.

Contact BDry™ in Arlington today to schedule an appointment for your foundation repair. Do you require basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing? BDry™ can provide information about those services too.