BDry™ waterproofing services Alexandria, Virginia and will help solve your basement waterproofing, crawlspace waterproofing or foundation repair problem.

Located along the western bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria Virginia is approximately seven miles south of downtown Washington, D.C. This historic city is filled with preserved 18th and 19th century architecture and no doubt visitors feel like they have stepped back in time when they set foot on the cobblestone streets or venture into the quaint restaurants and shops.

But, Alexandria is hardly a sleepy little town and maintaining a home in this area takes a lot of effort. BDry™ in Alexandria has the expertise to provide basement waterproofing and approved foundation repair services for homeowners and businesses.

BDry™ Basement Waterproofing

Water can trickle or flow into your Alexandria home or basement a number of ways. It might leak through a crack in the wall, through the mortar joints or through the floor. Water can find its way over or under the footings and sweat through the basement walls of your home as well. Water seems to find the path of least resistance.

BDry™ in Alexandria offers professionally installed basement waterproofing solutions. Contact BDry™ as soon as you see any signs of groundwater intrusion in your home. The longer you wait, the worse off it typically gets. Alexandria’s BDry™ experts can install a basement waterproofing or crawlspace waterproofing solution designed to prevent water from entering and wreaking havoc on your home. In business since 1958, BDry™ provides one of the strongest warrantees in the industry to help provide you with added peace of mind.

Foundation Repair approved by BDry™

Alexandria home owners should keep an eye on their foundation. If you do not know what to look for, you may not realize you need foundation repair. For instance, have you noticed cracks appearing in your foundation interior and exterior walls and/or around your doors or windows in your Alexandria home?  Or perhaps, the footers have dropped, the chimney is leaning away from the foundation , or the foundation itself has begun to fall. BDry™ in Alexandria can fix all of these, before they become a major issue. BDry™ has the expertise to correct these issues as well as many others.

Contact a BDry™ expert today and arrange a complimentary in-home visit. The BDry™ team in Alexandria can help you determine whether you just have a minor crack that simply needs to be filled, there are signs of normal settling or you have a more serious foundation issue. BDry™ will help homeowners assess the situation and come up with the right solution for their problem.