Let BDry™ provide you an approved foundation repair solution for your home in Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria, Virginia, may have plenty of small-town charm, but we also have plenty of big-city amenities. BDry™ offers our approved foundation repair services for homeowners in the Alexandria area.

BDry™ in Alexandria can help you diagnose your foundation problems and provide you with approved foundation repair solutions that are meant to last. We have professional installers that are trained for these types of repairs. You can trust that these repairs will be handled with experience and knowledge.

Approved by BDry™ solutions may incorporate:

  • Carbon Fiber Products
    To prevent the walls from moving and these products are some of the strongest available
  • Helical Piers Exterior Basement Wall Crack
    Will stop the foundation from settling further once they are installed. We can also use them to lift the foundation to a more level position
  • Helical Tie Backs
    Can stabilize the walls against soil movement and hydrostatic pressure
  • I-Beams
    Will prevent walls from bowing any further and will stabilize the foundation walls
  • Push Piers
    Can level and stabilize your foundation
  • Wall Pins
    To stabilize just slightly bowed wall
  • Wall Crack Injection(s)
    An epoxy is injected into cracks to prevent water from leaking through them.

BDry™ can repair foundation cracks, bowed basement walls, eroded footers, unstable chimneys, unstable foundations, as well as eroded and/or unstable walls. Using high quality materials that meet the latest ICC specifications, BDry™ can deliver approved foundation repair solutions. BDry™ in Alexandria provides our homeowners with one of the strongest and best industry warranties for our approved foundation repair services.

Call BDry™ in Alexandria today and schedule your free home visit and let us determine how to handle your foundation problem.  We ask that you allow 60-90 minutes so we can have time to fully evaluate the situation and answer any questions you may have. We offer appointments on weekdays, weeknights or even on weekends to ensure you are available for the visit.

Need basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing? BDry™ can provide information about these services too. Give us a call today and learn why more that 500,000 customers have trusted us to repair their homes since 1958.