BDry™ offers waterproofing and foundation repair services to Springfield and surrounding areas.

Springfield Illinois is known for a few things – Abraham Lincoln and the Cozy Dog Drive-In, which proudly proclaims “Home of the Famous Hot Dog on a Stick.” But what Springfield homeowners probably do not want to know about are leaky basements and troubling foundations. Luckily, BDry™ offers waterproofing and foundation repair services in Springfield.

BDry™ Basement waterproofing

Invasive water can enter your home and basement many ways. Through cracks in the walls, mortar joints or floor. It can also flow over or under the footings or sweat through the basement walls of your Springfield home.
Springfield’s BDry™ experts can install a custom waterproofing solution to stop that water coming into your home. Offering long-lasting solutions for your basement or crawlspace that work. Plus, BDry™ provides one of the strongest warranties in the industry.  Since 1958, we have serviced over 350,000 homes.

Some signs you could need basement waterproofing:
Seeing standing water in the basement or crawlspace, spotting cracks in the foundation, or watching water seep through the basement walls. Call BDry™ in Springfield for a solution to your problem.

BDry™ has developed basement waterproofing systems that offer long-lasting protection since 1958.
BDry™ basement waterproofing system features for your home may include:

  • A flex or rigid wall sealer
  • A high-capacity water collection channel
  • A powerful sump pump
  • A discharge pipe
  • Optional, battery-powered backup pump

Foundation Repair approved by BDry™

If you see cracks in your foundation interior and exterior walls, radiating out from the doors or windows in your home you may have reason to feel concerned. Contact a BDry™ expert to arrange a complimentary in-home visit. We can help homeowners determine whether your foundation problem is just a minor crack that should be filled, normal settling, or if it is a more serious foundation issue.
Other issues caused by problems with your foundation can include dropped footers, fallen-away chimneys, porch stoops or slabs. BDry™ in Springfield can fix them, as well as stabilizing any bowed walls, straightening or rebuilding eroded walls.
BDry™ has the expertise and specialty equipment for simple foundation repair jobs to more extensive solutions.
BDry™ in Springfield provides basement waterproofing or crawlspace waterproofing, foundation repair or foundation crack repair, or any combination of these services.

Contact the BDry™ team in Springfield to schedule a complimentary inspection.