Basement Waterproofing, Crawlspace Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Solutions for Homeowners in Richmond, VA & Surrounding Cities

Basement Waetrproofing Richmond VAWhen homeowners in the Richmond, Virginia, area need basement waterproofing, crawlspace waterproofing or foundation repair solutions, they turn to the professionals at BDry. In 1958, our company entered the residential waterproofing industry, and since then we’ve been perfecting crawlspace and basement waterproofing solutions that keep our customers’ basements and crawlspaces consistently dry for years.

The patented BDry waterproofing system is designed to address the most common ways water can enter a crawlspace or basement. In fact, our system protects your home against the five most common ways water enters, which are through wall cracks and mortar joints, through bleeding and sweating of walls, up through floor cracks, over the foundation’s footing, and under the foundation’s footing. Our system can keep water out and give you protection against the storm. While installations do vary, in many cases our crawlspace and basement waterproofing systems are installed with a backup pump and battery, so even if your power goes out or the main pump fails, you have added protection.

When there have been water intrusion problems in the basement or crawlspace, many Richmond, VA, residents feel that their water issues also contribute to additional problems that are commonly found in a basement or crawlspace. Our patented waterproofing solutions can help alleviate the water intrusion problems that so often contribute to these other issues. Water intrusion issues can also lead to foundation problems, and we perform foundation repair services that will ensure your home’s foundation is mended to be stable and durable. Whether you’ve been noticing that doors and windows no longer open or close like they used to, your chimney is leaning, or there are cracks in the basement walls, we can provide a long-lasting solution.

For an enduring crawlspace and basement waterproofing solution or foundation crack repair services, contact BDry. We gladly serve residents throughout the Richmond, VA, area. Be sure to ask about financing options that may be available and specific warranty information regarding our products and services.

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