A Long-Lasting Basement Waterproofing System for Residents of Greenville, SC

Basement Waterproofing Greenville SC Basement waterproofing, or the act of sealing the foundation against the intrusion of water, is a task that many homeowners in Greenville, South Carolina, will have to do eventually. Damp walls, discolored walls, and standing water are common problems that plague basements in the area, and there’s only one company residents trust to deliver long-lasting results – BDry®.

The proprietary basement waterproofing system we install for homeowners in Greenville, South Carolina, varies, as every home and basement is unique and plagued with different problems. However, our system will work to protect against the most common ways water enters a basement, and may be comprised of the following features depending on the best solution for the home:

  • Rigid or Flex Wall Sealer, which is designed to prevent water from seeping through the basement walls
  • High-Capacity Free-flow Drainage, which is designed to catch water and channel it to a central collection point
  • Discharge Pipe, which will carry water away from the home
  • High-Capacity Sump Pump, which will be installed to ensure maximum water extraction
  • Battery Pump, so whether the power goes out or the primary pump fails, you have peace of mind knowing you have added protection.

Plus, we cover our basement waterproofing system with an industry-best warranty, so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their investment will be protected.

To learn more about our basement waterproofing methods, to schedule a free onsite inspection, and to ask about our potential financing options, contact BDry® today. We serve homeowners in Greenville, SC, and throughout the region.