Signs You Might Have to Waterproof Your Basement in Baltimore, MD

Waterproof Basement Baltimore MDDetermining whether it is necessary to waterproof your basement in Baltimore, Maryland can be as simple as going down there and performing an inspection yourself. If it shows no signs of water intrusion, then it’s possible you don’t have any problems. However, if your personal inspection reveals the presence of moisture, then it is strongly recommend that you waterproof your basement by utilizing the services of a company – like BDry™ – that specializes in waterproofing basements. Ignoring the issue is ill-advised as a chronically wet basement can give rise to a whole host of serious problems, such as:

  • Foundation deterioration
  • Ruined carpeting and drywall (if the basement is finished)
  • And many more problems that wet basements create

The professionals at BDry™ can waterproof your basement in Baltimore, MD, so that it remains free of ground water intrusion. Since 1958, the year that BDry™ was founded by Joseph Bevilacqua, Jr., we have excelled at devising basement waterproofing solutions that provide long-lasting protection. The process all begins with an inspection during which we will try to get to the root of your water intrusion problem. Then, with your approval, our team will proceed to install our patented basement waterproofing system. You can trust BDry™ to do whatever is necessary to make it so that your basement long remains dry of ground water. We are so confident in the efficacy of our methods that we back our work with one of the best warranties in the business.

Contact BDry™ to schedule a complimentary inspection. We will be pleased to help you determine if you need to waterproof your basement in Baltimore, MD.