Basement Waterproofing Services for Homes in Baltimore, MD

Basement Waterproofing Baltimore MDBasement waterproofing might seem like a complicated process, but thanks to the waterproofing experts at BDry®, protecting your home in the Baltimore, Maryland area against damaging water intrusion has never been easier. Since 1958, BDry® has been helping people protect their homes by creating a drier indoor living environment through professional waterproofing solutions. By protecting your home against ground water intrusion into your basement, you will be able to help prevent possible structural damage aided by ground water, allowing you to enjoy your home more and worry about its upkeep less.

At BDry®, the basement waterproofing services that we provide in Baltimore, MD involve using an industry-leading, patented system that is designed to prevent the five most common causes of water seepage in basements:

  • Damp walls
  • Over the foundation footing leaks
  • Under the foundation footing leaks
  • Floor crack leaks
  • Wall crack leaks

While installations vary when waterproofing a basement, we may offer to install a number of different products that work cohesively to ensure that the area remains dry. This might include a high capacity sump pump, discharge pipe, high capacity drain, rigid or flex wall sealer, and even a pump with battery backup. Additionally, we offer one of the industry-leading warranties on our waterproofing service, providing you exceptional peace of mind as well as significant protection for your investment.

To learn more about the basement waterproofing solutions we offer, and to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation at your home in Baltimore, MD contact us today.