Foundation Repair Services for Homeowners in Atlanta, GA

Foundation Repair Atlanta GANeeding foundation repair services is usually something that fills homeowners with dread. However, homeowners in the Atlanta, Georgia area find that when they turn to the professionals at BDry™, their concerns start to fade. We’ve been in business since 1958, and we provide approved foundation repair services that truly remedy the problems, coupled with an outstanding warranty and customer-centric service.

When you first contact us regarding a foundation concern, we will send one of our skilled technicians to your home to perform a free inspection. After we survey your home, we then diagnose your foundation problem, and discuss it with you in easy-to-understand terms. We also walk you through our repair services and the different materials we use to fix various problems, and how they’ll be used to remedy your home’s foundation issues. We tailor all of our foundation repair services to each individual Atlanta, GA home, and you can always trust that we’ll use heavy-duty materials that will remedy the problem and keep it fixed for decades. In fact, the carbon fiber mesh that we use, which is used to fix cracks and fortify basement walls, is frequently used to repair bridges, parking garages and commercial construction projects.

We can perform a wide variety of foundation repair services, including:

  • Cracks in the interior block walls
  • Star-step cracks in exterior walls
  • Cracks in the basement floors
  • Cracks in exterior foundation walls

What’s more, our BDry™ approved services come backed with an industry-leading warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your investment will remain protected. This warranty is also transferable in the event that you sell your home.

If you think that your home in Atlanta, GA requires foundation repair services, contact BDry™ today. Also, be sure to ask about our potential financing options.