Interior Drain Tile System – How Is It Installed?

Interior Drain Tile System

Are you curious as to how an interior drain tile system is installed? While every company uses its own methods, the procedure is fairly simple and generally follows the same couple of steps. To begin, a trench is dug around the interior perimeter of the basement. Then, the drain tile pipe is installed inside this trench. Then, the trench is covered up with concrete, and a membrane is typically installed over the pipe. After the drain tile system has been installed, a sump pump is often attached in order to pump water out of the home.

An interior drain tile system is effective because whether groundwater is entering the basement by coming over or under the foundation’s footing or through a crack in the mortar joint, this system will be able to stop the groundwater before it comes into the basement and provide a channel for it to leave.

BDry has been a basement waterproofing company since 1958 and is the provider of the BDry Basement Waterproofing System, an innovative solution to groundwater intrusion problems. Our system is made up of materials that meet or exceed all of the latest ICC specifications and will be sure to help keep your basement dry.

If you would like to schedule your comprehensive in-home inspection, contact your local BDry location today. A representative would be happy to get you scheduled for an assessment, as well as tell you specifics about the financing options we have available to homeowners who qualify and the industry-leading warranty our system comes backed with.