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by Kathleen B. from Leesburg
Was pleased with the work that was done at the house by Stephan and Luis, both inside and outside. Stephan showed me what they had done in the basement and explained in detail the repair they made for the crack in the foundation. They cleaned up really well after they had made the repairs that I had contracted for.

Would definitely recommend them and will use them in the future if needed.
by Mark M. from Atlanta
Great experience with everyone who did the work, including our salesperson.
by Robert W. from Pasadena
Corey and Phil are two huge assests to your company, Their attention to detail and professional attitudes went above and beyond. This is a great example of how to do bussiness.

B-Dry. Be Done. For Life.

Case Studies


"B-Dry, I went down to the same areas and they were dry. I never had to worry again.  B-Dry is here to solve your lower level water problems. That's what they do and they do it well. "


"I don't have to worry about selling the house anymore. It's  a very good situation.  I don't have to worry about the rain anymore.  Its a huge problem thats lifted off my shoulder."


 "He told me how they were going to place it and how that was going to fix the problem so I was okay with that. It was worth what it cost me to have that done because here again was peace of mind."