French Drain System – An Exterior Basement Waterproofing Method

French Drain Basement

Are you thinking of having a French drain system installed as a basement waterproofing method? Before work begins, be sure it’s the right solution for you. A French drain, also known as a perimeter drain or a weeping tile, is a type of drainage system that is installed around the perimeter of the home that provides a channel for groundwater to be directed away from the home’s foundation.

While a French drain system has many advantages, for example, when it is installed correctly, it is effective at channeling groundwater away from the home, it also comes along with disadvantages. Take for instance:

  • A French drain requires excavation around the home to be installed and thus disrupts landscaping, walkways, driveways, porches, steps, and possibly even electrical wires and water lines if they’re subterranean.
  • This type of system is also prone to clogging since dirt and roots are so likely to get entangled in the drainage system.
  • A French drain can also be costly and time consuming to maintain as it needs to be serviced and cleaned throughout the years.

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