An Overview of Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation WaterproofingThe challenge with building a home on top of a concrete foundation is that concrete is a porous material and, thus, not inherently waterproof. Over time, water in the surrounding soil can damage the foundation and leak inside during periods of wet weather. One way to combat this all-too-common phenomenon is to waterproof the foundation from the outside while the house is still under construction. The process is akin to painting a wall. A fast-curing polymer-based coating is rolled or sprayed onto the outward-facing side of the foundation. Today’s coatings feature highly advanced formulas and can reliably provide decades of protection. Being semi-flexible, they can accommodate some foundation movement without losing their effectiveness.

The problem with foundation waterproofing has already been alluded to. It generally must be done while the house is being built. Though it is possible to waterproof the foundation of an existing home by excavating the soil around it, this is a heavily intrusive and costly procedure. That less-expensive alternative is to have an interior drainage system installed. A widely accepted form of basement waterproofing, interior drainage systems all work in essentially the same manner. A channel is created along the perimeter of the basement and a pipe or drain tile is installed. Subsequently, the channel is covered back up by new cement. Now, when water enters the basement, it falls into the channel and gets drained away. Waterproofing a basement in this way sometimes also requires the installation of a sump well and a sump pump. A sump well is a small to medium sized basin that holds water. A sump pump is a 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower pump that removes water from the sump well and sends out and away from the home.

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*For specific information regarding financing options and warranties, check with your local BDry dealer.