Foundation Repair FAQ

How much does B-Dry charge for an estimate and what is involved?

BDry® never charges for an estimate. Every job is unique and therefore when our certified consultants evaluate your foundation repair needs, we can then submit a written estimate that is good for 90 days. In some instances, a geo-tech engineer may be needed to complete your quote. You will know in advance, before you pay anything, if that is necessary. To schedule an appointment, call your local BDry® office, a customer service representative will be eager to help you. Our experience shows that these problems only get worse over time so it’s our goal to get to you as soon as possible.

How do I know that my repair quote is the correct one?

BDry® has been in business for over 50 years, solving problems related to life cycle issues in structures. We have successfully completed hundreds of thousands of structural repair jobs. Based on this experience, you can feel confident that BDry® is only offering the best engineered materials and most knowledgeable solutions. Our track record, reputation, and our Better Business Bureau (BBB) triple A rating gives you the peace of mind of knowing our high integrity is part of our company culture.

In addition, each of our solutions is protected by the best warranty in the industry because we stand behind it; there are almost 1/2 million homes protected. Consult your local BDry® installer for specific warranty details.

Will fixing my foundation close the existing cracks or open new ones?

It depends on the on the severity of the problem and the solution that is best to solve it. I-beams or carbon fiber strips stabilize an area and are not designed to close gaps. Other solutions may or may not close gaps.

It is not always possible to close cracks completely as mortar and other debris can prevent the walls from closing as they were originally. Once the repair is complete and the structure is now stabilized, tuck-pointing (gray mortar between your bricks) may be necessary to fill any gaps that may exist.

What happens to the area of our home that is not having foundation repair work done?

The area of your home not repaired can still have movement because the footing is supported by the same soil found in the failed area. This is why in some instances; customers choose to have their entire foundation area repaired.


Will I be able to sell my home after the repairs are done?

Yes. BDry® is HUD, VA and FHA approved. When selling a home with a past foundation issue you will need to fill out a disclosure form with your Realtor. You can include your engineers’ report and warranty information to your buyer as well.

The flip side of this question is “can I sell my home if I do not repair the foundation?” The short answer is “probably not”, at least not for a reasonable price. Not too many people want to buy a house with a failing foundation. However, once repaired with a sound warranty, such as the BDry® warranty, the worries for a new buyer are largely diminished.

How long after the repairs should I wait to fix my mortar and drywall cracks?

Every home is different. However BDry would recommend an average of 4-6 weeks after the foundation repairs are completed. This will depend on the size, type and scope of your job of course.

How long does a foundation repair job take?

The average job takes 2-4 days, but because all homes are built differently and because soil conditions vary, jobs can be shorter or longer according to the scope of the job. You will know the time estimate on your job prior to us starting the job, if you decide to use BDry® for your foundation repair.

How much does foundation repair cost?

All Foundation Repair jobs are different. Depending on the size and scope of the repair, you may need one pier installed, or several. To determine the cost of the foundation repair, the site will need to be inspected and measured. Again, your consultant will need to survey and assess the project to determine what is needed in each case, and inspections are FREE.

Is B-Dry insured?

Yes, absolutely. BDry® carries Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. Should you require a copy of our proof of insurance, call 800-871-BDry®(2379) and one of our customer service agents will be happy to help you.

Will my foundation repair affect my plumbing?

If damage to the plumbing occurs, it is more likely related to the initial settlement of the house, rather than the repair work necessary to stabilize it. We carefully monitor any utility that penetrates the foundation wall in the work area, to minimize the chance of this kind of damage.

Will a foundation repair job damage my landscaping?

There are several factors that can cause damage to plants and trees. If the work is done during the winter, when most plants and some trees are dormant, the chances of damage lessen. If the work is performed during the other seasons, the chance of damage increases. Watering the plants and trees several days before work is scheduled to begin will increase chances of survival. Regrettably, sometimes damage is unavoidable, especially when plants are in the immediate work area.

BDry® will make its best attempt at saving your landscape including the shrubbery next to the foundation where the work will be done. We remove and put back the shrubbery as best we can, but they may need some tender loving care after we’re gone.


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