What Does a Foundation Repair Company Do?

Foundation Repair

The foundation is arguably the most important part of your home. You might even say that is foundational. Not only does it literally hold the house above ground, it also helps prevent the structure from becoming damaged by the natural movement of the earth around it. Another important function of your foundation is to keep out moisture. Though water is, of course, essential to life, it can all too easily wreak havoc on your home if it is allowed to enter inside. It is for these reasons – structural stability and moisture exclusion – why foundation repair is such an important issue. Even what appears to be a small foundation problem can be indicative of potentially destructive forces at work. Left ignored, a crack in your foundation wall or telltale signs of water getting in can all too easily lead to much more severe problems in the future and the need for extensive foundation repair.

The first call you make after discovering a foundation problem should be to a qualified foundation repair company. While conducting an assessment of your home and property, a foundation professional will be able to identify any problems that exist and determine their likely cause. Should a problem be deemed serious, or likely to become serious in the near future, your foundation repair contractor can recommend one of various possible courses of action. For example, a foundation wall crack can typically be sealed with epoxy as a means of preventing water from getting in. A specialized mesh can then be installed over the crack to keep it from opening up due to temperature fluctuations. Other foundation problems that a foundation repair company can help you address include cracks in the floor, bowing walls, eroded footers, and an unstable chimney, just to name a few.

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