Keep Your Basement Dry with a Foundation Drain Tile Installation

Foundation Drain Tile Installation

If you have a wet basement, you may benefit from a foundation drain tile installation from the experts at BDry. But what is a drain tile and what does it have to do with your basement? A drain tile acts as a piping system that can be incorporated as part of a basement waterproofing project. The drain pipe pumps water away from the home, so that the area remains dry and foundation remains strong. Keeping a dry basement or crawl space is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your foundation as moisture can slowly deteriorate the soil around the foundation as well as the foundation itself.

For a drain tile installation from home waterproofing and approved foundation repair experts, contact BDry. Since our founding in 1958, we’ve only used products of the highest quality for waterproofing and approved foundation repair projects to help homeowners across the United States keep their basements dry and their homes strong. Our top-of-the-line basement waterproofing system is an effective solution to your wet basement problems and addresses the five most common ways that water enters basements, including:

  • Over the footer
  • Under the footer
  • Through cracks in the walls
  • Through cracks in the floor
  • Sweating and bleeding through the wall

To learn more about our foundation drain tile installation methods, or about our approved foundation repair services, contact BDry today. One of our knowledgeable associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your foundation repair project.