Cracks May Indicate That Your Foundation Needs a Repair Service

Foundation Basement RepairsA foundation repair service is needed if the structural integrity of your foundation has been compromised, but, you may be wondering, what are some of the signs that your foundation is damaged? One indication that your foundation may need repairs is if the walls are showing vertical, horizontal, or stair step cracks, which is often due to the foundation shifting. If a crack is very small and thin, there is usually no cause for alarm, but cracks that are large, you can comfortably fit a coin in, or runs in multiple directions should be seen by a foundation repair expert. This is because a crack in your foundation can indicate:

  • That there is too much or too little moisture in the soil
  • That the soil was improperly compacted during construction
  • That your home is settling

Other indications that your foundation has been damaged are bowed or eroded walls, uneven floors, gaps between the walls and floor or ceiling, and an unstable or leaning chimney. If your foundation is showing any signs of damage, you should call the professionals at BDry; we have extensive experience in foundation repair work using only the best materials and products available. We can provide you with a free consultation where we can examine the damage done to your foundation and give you an accurate estimate.

If you’re interested in learning more about our foundation repair services, contact BDry and schedule a complimentary inspection at your home today.