Diagonal cracks coming from the corners of doors or windows

A diagonal crack coming from the corner of a window or door can be a definite sign of a problem with the foundation. Typically foundation problems that cause these cracks also cause a few other symptoms, like sloping floors, exterior wall cracks or basement floor cracks. Checking for these will help start the process of finding and solving the problem.

Are you noticing hairline cracks coming from corners of windows or doors?


Foundation problems can be caused by waterproofing problems, and vice versa. So take note of any standing water on the perimeter of the home. Surface water that doesn’t drain away from the house can erode the soil and eventually make it’s way into a basement or crawlspace.

Gutters that are not kept in proper function are also common culprits of water eroding the soil and making it’s way into basements and crawlspaces.

If signs of water in the basement or crawlspace exist, it is important to call us so we can conduct a thorough inspection of the foundation and water problems to customize a solution to fix the specific problems that exist.

Diagonal cracks around windows and doors should not be ignored. Contact your local BDry to see what approved solutions they can provide for your foundation problems.

Foundation Repair Solutions