Crawlspace Waterproofing Services from Industry Leader BDry

Crawlspace WaterproofingWaterproofing the crawlspace under your home can be an effective way to ward off standing ground water and all of the problems that typically go along with it such as wet foundation walls. Though beneficial as a place to run plumbing and electrical wiring, your crawlspace likely remains vulnerable to ground water-related damage. Perhaps you are already dealing with one or more of these problems and have reached the conclusion that now would be a good time to invest in professional crawlspace waterproofing. You must solve your ground water problem before you can alleviate the others issues that may plague your crawlspace.

The BDry Waterproofing System is designed to keep crawlspaces free of standing ground water and acts to protect against ground water intrusion. All of the crawlspace waterproofing materials that we use – such as vapor barriers, drain tile, and sump pumps – are high-quality products that are guaranteed to provide truly long-lasting protection. We do, of course, always take multiple factors into account when creating each individual crawlspace solution. Because not all crawlspaces are the same, neither are BDry’s crawlspace waterproofing services. Factors that we consider include:

  • Type of water intrusion
  • Extent of water intrusion
  • Dirt floor vs. concrete floor
  • Condition of your foundation
  • Other structural concerns
  • And more

The BDry Waterproofing System is a solution that works. After having it installed, you will reduce the likelihood of having crawlspace problems that typically accompany ground water intrusion issues. Since 1958, BDry has led the industry by developing state-of-the-art crawlspace waterproofing solutions. And, BDry offers one of the best warranty’s in the industry and has proudly done so since our founding. No other company that we know of can make that claim.

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