Crawlspace Encapsulation for Those Who Demand a Dry, Usable Space

Crawlspace EncapsulationCrawlspace encapsulation is the first step in waterproofing a crawlspace. If your crawlspace has a dirt floor and the area is routinely damp or occasionally floods, call the professionals at BDry to see how our waterproofing and encapsulation service can keep your crawlspace dry.

At BDry, one of our many specialties is crawlspace encapsulation. Since 1958, we have been using a waterproofing system to help homeowners encapsulate their crawlspaces and protect the area from the most common forms of ground water intrusion. Installations do vary and are tailored to address specific problems occurring in the crawlspace. After a thorough inspection of the area, our expert technicians will determine whether encapsulating the area is even necessary, and, if so, determine if the floor only, floor and walls, and floor to ceiling encapsulation is the optimal solution to address the issues. Regardless of the specific solution required, all of the materials we may use when encapsulating a crawlspace, including vapor barriers, encapsulation materials, sump pumps, and drain tile, are high-quality, durable, and manufactured by well-established companies.

For decades, homeowners throughout multiple cities in the nation have reaped the benefits of crawlspace encapsulation from BDry, which include:

  • Reduced water damage
  • Create a drier area that can be used for storage.
  • Add extra value to your home and provide peace of mind knowing you are back by one of the industry’s strongest warranties.

To learn more about crawlspace encapsulation from BDry, and to schedule your complimentary onsite consultation, contact your nearest BDry location today.