Cracks in the basement floor?  May be signs of bigger problems.

Cracks in the basement floor are an indicator of change – something that was stable without cracks changed to now have a crack, which means movement of the floor has happened. Floors don’t generally move so there is reason investigate further.

Are you noticing cracks in the floor?


One reason basement floors can crack is due to water. If the basement floor is also damp, this can be an indicator that water is coming into the basement through tiny holes or cracks in the floor. Over time, these tiny holes and cracks can experience enough pressure from the exterior water that they expand into larger holes and cracks. So dampness or even standing water in the area of the crack is an indicator of waterproofing needs.

Another reason basement floors can crack is due to changes in the foundation of the home. Different parts of a building’s foundation can settle at different rates if, for instance, there are different types of soil under different parts of the foundation. If the foundation is settling unevenly, supports can be installed to correct the problem. A cracked basement floor can also be a symptom of a dropped footing (part of the foundation), which is also a solvable problem – important to fix sooner than later.

Our foundation repair solutions help to solve your cracking problems now and in the future. Reach out to your local BDry for more information on solving your foundation problems.

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