Cracks in exterior foundation walls

Cracks in foundation walls are most commonly caused by uneven settling of the foundation. All structures, including homes, settle. When one part (or some parts) of the foundation settles at a different rate than the rest of the foundation, the structure above can display symptoms of the changed foundation. Symptoms can range from a crack in the foundation wall to sloped floors inside the home, windows or doors not opening/closing properly, and even gaps between an internal wall and the floor or ceiling. It’s important to know that while there are many possible symptoms of a settled foundation, the existence of even one of these indicators is reason enough to call an expert who can come perform a thorough inspection and design a solution for the specific problems discovered.

Are you noticing cracks in your foundation walls?


Uneven settling can happen for a variety of reasons, and experts should be able to fix the settling problem. But they should also be able to explain why the discrepancy happened, and possibly solve the cause of that problem as well.

Many foundation problems, including some uneven settling problems, are often caused by water. Groundwater can wreak havoc on foundations, and on the soil around the foundation.

Cracks in your exterior foundation can cause problems in the future; check with your local office and discover how we provide foundation repair solutions approved by BDry to solve your issues.

Foundation Repair Solutions