How Worried Should You be About a Cracking Foundation?

Foundation Repair

A cracking foundation isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. However, a sizable crack or one that appears to be growing should, at the very least, be evaluated by a qualified foundation repair professional. In general, a crack wider than, say, 1/16 inches is likely to be an indication of a bigger problem. For example, it could mean that your foundation is coming directly into contact with the water table. A high-water table is common in areas with poor drainage, and can be a real nuisance for homeowners trying to keep their basements groundwater free and their foundations from becoming compromised.

A large foundation crack can also be caused by:

  • Soil movement
  • Changing soil moisture content
  • Improper soil compaction during construction
  • Tree roots

Having to call a foundation repair specialist is no one’s idea of something to look forward to. However, keeping your foundation in good condition is essential for ensuring the structural integrity of your house as a whole. And, though it might be perfectly feasible to patch a minor crack on your own, a bigger one will almost always require the attention of trained foundation repair contractor.

At BDry, we offer a variety of approved foundation repair solutions, including the repair of cracks in foundation walls. We will be pleased to evaluate the condition of your home’s foundation free of charge and provide a professional recommendation as to which foundation repairs, if any, should be undertaken. BDry has a well-earned reputation as an honest business that does not perform unnecessary work or consider its job done until the customer is fully satisfied.

For additional information about BDry and the approved foundation repair services that we provide, please contact us today.