Flooding in the crawl space and utility room. This house was built in the 1940s and I am sure it has flooded many times. There is a little brick wall around the crawl space doors which I am sure protects it from some rain. In the last two weeks, I have pumped out probably 300-400 gallons (twice) using a pump in the utility room into the tub. This is not a new problem and hopefully the furnace and hot water heater survived the water.

I would like to find a permanent solution to this problem. I don’t think a sump pump is the answer as the house is in a low spot in the yard and pumping the water into the yard will probably not fix the issue. I don’t know if you can attach a sump pump to the sewer line. I don’t know what is allowed. The water pools around the back of the house and when the earth is saturated it will end up in the crawl space. Perhaps a french drain or some sort of storm drain is needed. I am hoping that you can make this clearer for me.

Please let me know when you have availability to look at the house and when you might be able to work on it. I am sure you are overloaded with work right now as so many houses have flooded. Good luck getting the houses fixed.